Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Day of 2010

I still have 22 more hours to make my 2010 unforgettable, but I usually don't do this, actually it's my first time and I have no idea what to do to make this day "unforgettable". Well whatever, at least I will just spend my time wisely, I think it could be enough. I'm planning to go to church this midnight with my mom and sister before the clock strikes at 12. So practically, I'll be spending my first seconds with God and my love ones! And I'm also tasked to make a dessert which will be shaped round! What else? Hmm... right now, that is the only thing that I can think of because the rest of the day, I will do some random things again and communicate with my boyfriend.

Speaking of my boyfriend, 2 more days and I'll be seeing him in Davao again and I can't wait for that to happen! I've been lonely since he left for Marbel to spend his holidays with his family. All I did was to waste my time and enjoy myself thru surfing the internet and blogging. Veeeery boring!

Anyway, I guess it's time to sleep. Goodnight earthlings! Humans really do need a beauty rest :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Easy A

Easy A is a comedy film starring Emma Stone. It's about a girl named Olive who made a lie about going on a date to her strange best friend just to have an excuse of not going camping with her on a free weekend. But the truth is that she only spent her weekend on her room doing random things with her card that sings "Pocketful of Sunshine" that was given to her by her grandpa. The following Monday, her best friend Rhiannon insisted if Olive had sex with her date. Olive had no choice but to say yes, she did it. She had sex with a college guy (which is a lie). Marianne, an overly enthusiastic Christian, overhears her telling the lie and soon it spreads like wildfire.

Marianne had a Christian group at school which they had decided that Olive would be their next project. On their English class, they were talking about a novel entitled "The Scarlet Letter" which was about adultery and shame. When one of the members of the church group gave a bad comment at Olive, Olive shoots back and their teacher, Mr. Griffith, had no choice but to send Olive to the principal's office. And there she met Brandon who was also sent to the Principal's office for fighting with another guy because of accusing him as gay.

Olive tells the truth to Brandon and because of that, Brandon asked for Olive's help. He wants Olive to pretend to sleep with him and make him seem straight. Olive knows the consequences of this action and she doesn't want to do it. But since Brandon told his side, that he is tired of being bullied, Olive has no choice but to help him.

Brandon and Olive went to a party together. That is the time where they did they're little lie. Everyone heard it and praise Brandon for that, while Olive had bad rumors surrounding her. At the Party, she bumped to an old crush, Todd, whom she almost kissed years ago but didn't because he was not yet ready.

Because of the rumors, Rhiannon got angry with her best friend and de-friends her. Olive had no choice but to go with the flow. Other guys knew what Olive did for Brandon and also asked for Olive's help. She initially disagrees, but she feels sorry for them, and agrees to play along with their lies. Olive feels disappointed that boys don't have the common decency to ask her out on a real date. Nevertheless, they give her gift cards and money to say they have done sexual things to increase their own popularity, which only increases her reputation, much to her minimal dismay.

Olive had lots of negative feedbacks about her attitude and she has nobody to go to. Until there came a time that someone helped her change everything back to what her life used to be. Todd, her old crush, chose to help her gain her good reputation back. You really don't know what life could bring you. :)

If I were Olive and I'm in her situation, I might be staying in my room forever. She had a strong personality which is a good trait. And because of that trait, she was able to hold on. Good thing was that her family was still there for her and that someone still respects her.

See what lie can give us? A little lie that almost destroyed her life. If we lied to someone accidentally, I guess the best remedy is that tell her/him the truth as earlier as you can because you don't know what could happen next. Life is unexpected.

I remember that my Psychiatric teacher asked us this question, "Do you believe in destiny?". I got confused and wonder what he wants to tell us because I believe in destiny. I believe that I was destined to be there listening to him. Then our teacher answered his own question and said "No". Everyone of us inside that room had a question mark on our face and he only laugh at us and told us "There is no such thing as destiny because you are making your own destiny. You are not destined to be here. You are here because you chose it". And I was like "OMFG, he's right! Why didn't I think about that?" Hahaha

Well in Olive's case, she chose to lie and that's why she was ready to face her consequences. :) In Sophie's case in Letters to Juliet, there was a part there that she told Charlie that maybe she was destined to be there with Claire, but actually in the first place she chose to go with them. :)

You choose how your life will go through the end. So be careful with every decision you make. :)

Now, do you believe in destiny? :)

Why I came back

Last Saturday (Decemebr 25, 2010), I was left alone at home and had no choice but to watch a movie that I bought at Victoria Plaza. This movie was entitled "Letters to Juliet" which was written by my favorite author, Nicholas Sparks. Since his best selling book, The Notebook, had a movie, I grabbed the chance to watch it at once. I was right then that it would be good. After that, I started to like his books(even though I don't read it) and movies.

Letters to Juliet had a great twist on it's story. It was about Sophie, an American girl who works for the New York magazine and is a fact checker. To put some spark on her love life, she decides to have a pre-honeymoon with her workaholic chef fiance, Victor at Verona. But her fiance seemed not to care on the romance that was brought by Italy and instead chose to do some reasearch for his soon to open restaurant at New York and chose to ignore Sophie. The lonely Sophie then discovered an unanswered letter to Juliet left at the fictional lover's Verona courtyard, which is usually answered by the so-called "secretaries of Juliet". It was been there for 50 years. Because of that, Sophie chose to answer it and soon Claire, the girl who wrote the letter 50 years ago, went back to Verona with his grand son Charlie. They've decided to look for Claire's long lost love, Lorenzo. Sophie, thinking that Claire's story might help her in her writing career decides to help her in her quest. After so much searching, Charlie had fallen in love with a complete stranger who is helping her grand mother with her love life, Sophie. While Sophie, knows that she is engaged with Victor, tried to ignore her feelings for Charlie. It had been difficult for both of them, but at the end, one of them chose to follow her heart and lead to a happy ending. :) ♥

Sophie's story is very rare to happen nowadays, and she was lucky to find a true love at the city of Italy. If I were Sophie, I would do the same before I get married to a man who doesn't care.

Now, why I came back to blogging, because Sophie also has passion in writing, and she did it very well. And because of this story, I find Nicholas Spark's writing really good and I wanted to be like him. I told my uncle about this idea and he told me to practice it online by reading and blogging and that's why I'm here.

I might have a bad grammar now, but I'll practice it. I know I can do this. :) I just have to be optimistic in everything that I do and I know I'll do this right. :)

Ps. The background song is a soundtrack from Letters to Juliet. :) You got me by Colbie Caillat


It's me Mai! This is my new blogger! I've started using this since December 28 2010. I had a blogger account before but I left it hanging and changed to tumblr. After a few months, I decided to have a blogger account again because I miss real blogging. Well tumblr's fine, but I like it more here. :) I'll be hoping to meet more bloggers, you can hit the follow button anytime. :) Thank you and Godbless! :)