Saturday, August 11, 2012

Posh Nails

This is how I relax on my birthday. 

Meet my sister :)

I love their pillows! It's so cute and comfy! <3

Hello there double chin chin! HAHA

They also give drinks of your choice (tea, icetea) for free!

Since it was my birthday, they gave me a free hand paraffin too. :)

A blush color on my nail. I love it! It's my first time to try a pink nail polish. :)

I love posh nails and their staff! It's their first branch here in Davao. They are located at Abreeza Ayala Mall, Davao 3rd floor beside Robinsons Department Store! You have to try it because the price you pay is worth it! :)

I know this is a really really late post and I'm sorry but please bare with me, I'm having my review classes almost every day that's why I don't have much time to blog. :'( I'll try to make it up to you, but for now, I have to prioritize my studies. Hope you understand guise! Don't worry, I'll try to update this blog during breaks. :) 

Love lots,

Sunday, July 22, 2012


In Davao City, most of the restaurants here are especialising in American, Japanese, Chinese, and Filipino foods. It is rare to find a halal semi-fine-dining/casual restaurant especialising in Middle Eastern foods like Zabadani. When I heard good feedbacks about their food, I wanted to go there immediately! 

I used to eat in their Ponciano branch but now, since they opened a new branch at the peak (Gaisano Mall), it is easier for me to drop by and grab a meal. 

It is my fourth time to dine in their Gmall branch and I really love their cozy place and their friendly staffs especially their delicious foods which is to die for!

Lunch with my mom. :)

Zabadani's cheese sticks.

Chicken Kebab.

Every time I leave this restaurant, I always leave with a happy tummy. 

If you want to visit their place, you can find them at

Zabadani Cafe

Main Branch
Door 3 Bustamante Building
Ponciano Reyes Street, DC
The Peak - G-Mall
4th Level The Peak 
JP Laurel Avenue, DC

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Coco's Grill

Three years and counting. :) Celebrated our 3rd year Anniversary at Coco's Grill, Torres with our good friends Kate and Jean. Nights like this are one of the best. :)

i. Kate and Jean
ii. Kate, Jean and Elmo
iii. My boyfriend and I
iv. Menu
v. Fork, Knife and Spoon
vi & vii. Steak

Have a good day!


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Follow Button

OMG I just realized that I didn't put a follower gadget on my profile. Haha Silly me! Now I have already updated my page and you can now see the followers on the lower right side of my page. If you want to follow me, you can just click the "Join this site" button. :) Thanks!


Monday, July 2, 2012

Costa Marina

Hi! Sorry for the delay of posts. I just got back from a quick trip to Marbel. How's your week? :) I had a really fun week in Marbel. I'll promise to post some of my pictures here soon. :) But for now, I will first share to you my beach experience last June with my 1st year college classmates. We had a little get together party in Costa Marina, Samal just because we missed each other so much (chos!).

We rode a boat to reach the resort. You will only pay P15.00 per head.

Meet my ex-classmates. :) We were not complete because some were already busy reviewing and some already went home to their province :(

Arrived at 9am in the morning. Look at the beach, this is my kind of wonderful. <3

Kate and Jean 

Jean, Cy and Kate

Elli and Pamae

I can live in this forever.

Caught on act. :p

My view. My beautiful view.

We were so lucky because we were given a chance to have a quick ride at the Jet Ski. 

Ever since I was a kid, I've always love going to the beach. I don't know why, maybe because I believe that I'm a mermaid? Or maybe because I'm a Cancer who loves water? Hahaha Blaaaah! I know almost all of us loves the beach. Well, who doesn't? :) We need a relaxing place once in a while and the perfect place would be where? You know the answer ;)

For those who are still waiting for their review classes to start (like me), it's not yet too late to grab your sunscreen and wear your two piece that's been hiding inside your closet for monthssss. Hah! Call you friends and go to the beach while you still have the time. :)

Have a blessed day!