Tuesday, April 17, 2012

DIY American Flag Shorts

Hey guise! Do you have some old jeans inside your closet that you got sick of wearing? Do you feel like you need a new pair of bottoms? Did you just saw a cute pair of denim shorts but you can't afford it 'cause it's too pricey? Well, I'm here to save you! Today, I'm going to teach you how to make those old jeans a cute pair of denim shorts. *wink*

So here's what you need:

Denim shorts. (If you have faded shorts then it would be better). This used to be my faded pants but I cut it into shorts because it was kinda loose on my ankle part.

Some studs for the pocket area. I bought this at Icon Arts - Gaisano Mall. It costs Php10 for 4 studs.

Brushes and Red, Blue and White Paint (make sure it's a fabric paint). 

Step 1. Put the studs anywhere you want. Mine is in the pocket area. It's really easy to attach, you just need to push it to the fabric (but be careful, you might hurt yourself) and secure it by folding the teeth of the studs using pliers. Make sure to fold it properly to avoid cuts when you wear it.

Step 2.  Paint red stripes on the right side of your shorts. 

Step 3. Then paint the left side of your shorts with the color blue. It will take time if you use a smaller brush (like mine) so I advise you to buy a bigger brush so you won't have to keep on applying the paint. It will just thicken the blue coating on your shorts and will not be equally spread. 

So here's how it looks.

Step 4: You can paint the sides of the shorts so it would look more like vintage-bleached-shorts. CHOS! But if you want it slightly neat then you can skip this step. :)

Step 5. Then paint some stars on the left side of your shorts. If you have a star-shaped stamps then it would be better, but in my case I don't have it so I used a brush instead.

You can also put some designs at the back of your shorts so it wouldn't look boring. You can put studs, hearts, your name, first letter of your name, anything you like, just be creative!
(photo from Instagram)

Here's my finished product! I hope you liked it guys. This is my first time to make a DIY tutorial so I hope it was clear. :) If you have questions, feel free to ask on my comment box. :) Thank you!



  1. Thats veryyyy creative ate. :D Anyways, Lovelee here. Wala ka po kasi tagboard eh. :) Just dropped by. <33

  2. That looks so awesome! I also made one for myself. I'd be happy if you check it out :)


    1. Hi! I saw your DIY's and i loved it!! :) Btw, followed you! :) <3