Thursday, May 5, 2011

Movie Review

Hi! Here's another movie review from the 2 previous movies that I've watched. Since I have no summer classes, I have all the time to do movie marathon. Yaaay! :)

So the first movie is THOR.

It was a blast! I had fun watching it and the feedbacks from my friends are good too! Chris Hemsworth, who played the role of Thor, did it very well and looks really cute in the movie. :"> The graphics was also good just like the other 3d movies. The concept of their place from another planet looked like a Kingdom of Heaven. It was really very beautiful.

Thor is based on a comic book MARVEL. He is also known as the King of Thunder (am I right?), and it perfectly fits him very well, plus his height and his body. It makes all the girls droooool. Hahaha just kidding. He's really tall, I might be 1 ruler below his elbow if I stand next to him. Hahaha! Lemme share my favorite pic from the movie :D

So what can you say? Hahaha. He really got an amazing body. When I first saw him wearing jeans and shirts in the movie, I thought he was a wrestler. (Is he? I'm not really sure. I have'nt done my researches yet. Lol) Here's another picture from the movie with his Father.

So the movie is great, has good graphics, has good actors, the twist of the movie was also amazing, the effects was excellent, and Chris' body is the best, so I'm giving this a perfect 10 for a movie rate. If you like Action and Fantasy, you better watch this and I say you'll love it. Two thumbs up for this movie. It has part 2: The Avengers. I'm not sure when it will be aired but I can't wait to see it. A lot of movies nowadays have next chapters. And since it is a LOT, I think if I'll be watching the next chapter, I still need to refresh my mind by watching the previous chapter. Just like the Airbender, the next chapter tooked so long that I forgot what happened from the previous part of it. I wish movies are not like this. Anyway, I hope you'll be able to watch Thor on big screen because it's worth it! :)

So the next movie is Beastly. The guy who played the role of the beast is really handsome too. His name is Alex Pettyfer, I saw him first at "I am Number Four" and God he is definitely sexy!
So here's a poster from the movie.

The movie is a retelling of the fairytale "Beauty and the Beast" set in a modern-day in NYC. The movie focused on Kyle Kingson who is very wealthy and arrogant. It started on an Environmental Event where he disrespects a classmate who is secretly a witch in disguise. The witch casts a spell on Kyle to disfigure his body and face, and gave him a year to find love or be left with his monstrous appearance forever.

If I will compare Beastly and Beauty and the Beast, I liked the cartoon better. I'm looking for a spark in the movie but too bad I didn't find it. The story was common and fast and I didn't enjoy it too much, plus Vanessa played the leading lady role, I don't like her since the first time I saw her in HSM. Her acting is a bit "OA". I think it would be better if Mary Kate played the love partner of Alex and Vanessa played the role of the witch. Mary Kate looks more charming than Vanessa which I think is what Belle portrayed.

Anyway, I'm still rating it 7 out of 10 because Alex Pettyfer played the beast role and I like Alex. Hahahaha! Here's another pic of him in Beastly.
I hope this entry will give you an idea about the movies above. :> Thanks for reading!



  1. Beastly! Watched that movie a while a go, its very predictable but a good modern take on beauty and the best :)

  2. Yes! Definitely a good movie and Pettyfer is so gorgeous! BTW, thanks for dropping by, will drop by on your page too! :) xoxo