Monday, January 31, 2011

Technology changes Courtship

I read a post from Ashton Kutcher about commenting on how technology changed the old courting way. I agree with him because as a girl, I know that everyone of us - the flirt, the geek, the rebel, the loner, the not-a-virgin-anymore, the virgin mary - still dreams of a guy who courts the old way. As what I can see on movies, when guys likes a girl, they will court the parents first, and will bring the girl presents every time the guy visits their home. They will even sang a love song to their love during the night, and will bring a guitar and friends to sing along while the girl will just stay on the balcony. Oh! The old way!

When I was still young, I also wanted to have a guy who will sing his heart out for me and will bring the best flowers or just flowers that they will pick on the way to our house, and will tell me how much they love me. Hahaha! But I guess, there are only few guys that are like that today because of how technology changed it. I can still remember, when my friends and I were still in Grade 6, they had boyfriends through texts and the guy only courted for days, 2 days I think. Generations now are really different. I wish I was born before everything changed.

Well what can we do? Time flies so fast and time changes things so fast too. I can't imagine how my children will experience courting. Will their generation be better? Hm, who knows?

Here's a link to read Ashton Kutchers post. :)

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