Saturday, January 1, 2011


Wow! My very first post for the year 2011. How was your celebration for new year? Mine was good, just like how we celebrated the coming of 2010. We watched TV and had a countdown 'till 12 midnight. My family and I ate together and after an hour, we prepared ourselves to sleep. But last night, it rained so hard which became the reason why we didn't went to church. It was our first time not to attend a mass before new year. :( But we promised to go to church this Sunday and after that, we will visit my father at memorial park. It's been a long time since our last visit. :)

Sooo, new year celebration day is also weight gain day! :( I hate it because I can't stop it! I was skipping meals these past few days because I know that I'll be tempted again when the food is already in front of me (as always). I should lose weight! Oh no no no. I want a beach body, which I never haaaaaad. Huhuhuhu

Anyway, so much for that daydreaming! What's up this year? Hmm.. I'll be in my fourth year of nursing life! Yaaaay!! Oh Lord let me pass! Hahaha! Aaaand I will also be celebrating my 20th birthday! Oh.. yaaay! :| I'm sooo yooooung and I'm so haaapppyy! :|

You know what? I'm already 19 but it seems that I'm still in my highschool years. Even though a lot has change but still, the memories are still there. Oh good times, good times. :) So for youngsters out there, here's my tip: Enjoy every moment you have in high school because it's definitely different in college. You meet a lot of different people in different class, and you'll gain a lot of friends. But you won't meet the same friends you had in highschool in your every class in college. ;)

So to sum this up, enjooooy your 2011! Cherish every moment you have with your love ones because you'll never know what could happen next! :)

Tata! :)

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