Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Why I came back

Last Saturday (Decemebr 25, 2010), I was left alone at home and had no choice but to watch a movie that I bought at Victoria Plaza. This movie was entitled "Letters to Juliet" which was written by my favorite author, Nicholas Sparks. Since his best selling book, The Notebook, had a movie, I grabbed the chance to watch it at once. I was right then that it would be good. After that, I started to like his books(even though I don't read it) and movies.

Letters to Juliet had a great twist on it's story. It was about Sophie, an American girl who works for the New York magazine and is a fact checker. To put some spark on her love life, she decides to have a pre-honeymoon with her workaholic chef fiance, Victor at Verona. But her fiance seemed not to care on the romance that was brought by Italy and instead chose to do some reasearch for his soon to open restaurant at New York and chose to ignore Sophie. The lonely Sophie then discovered an unanswered letter to Juliet left at the fictional lover's Verona courtyard, which is usually answered by the so-called "secretaries of Juliet". It was been there for 50 years. Because of that, Sophie chose to answer it and soon Claire, the girl who wrote the letter 50 years ago, went back to Verona with his grand son Charlie. They've decided to look for Claire's long lost love, Lorenzo. Sophie, thinking that Claire's story might help her in her writing career decides to help her in her quest. After so much searching, Charlie had fallen in love with a complete stranger who is helping her grand mother with her love life, Sophie. While Sophie, knows that she is engaged with Victor, tried to ignore her feelings for Charlie. It had been difficult for both of them, but at the end, one of them chose to follow her heart and lead to a happy ending. :) ♥

Sophie's story is very rare to happen nowadays, and she was lucky to find a true love at the city of Italy. If I were Sophie, I would do the same before I get married to a man who doesn't care.

Now, why I came back to blogging, because Sophie also has passion in writing, and she did it very well. And because of this story, I find Nicholas Spark's writing really good and I wanted to be like him. I told my uncle about this idea and he told me to practice it online by reading and blogging and that's why I'm here.

I might have a bad grammar now, but I'll practice it. I know I can do this. :) I just have to be optimistic in everything that I do and I know I'll do this right. :)

Ps. The background song is a soundtrack from Letters to Juliet. :) You got me by Colbie Caillat


  1. I think your uncle definitely gave you good and sound advice concerning writing. Good luck. Remember that the best authors weren't really the best at first, they had to start at nothing to be something.

    The way you talked about Letters to Juliet makes me regret not seeing the film. I might buy a DVD of it soon though since you gave it good feedback.

    It also reminded me of the movie I'm trying to finish watching now, which is Eat Pray Love since one of the main places where the movie was filmed was Italy. (:

  2. Hi Loui! Thanks for appreciating, really! You made me really happy! :) I really do hope that I can do this. :) I hope you'll be able to watch Letters to Juliet. It is really a great film ^.-

    I haven't watched Eat Pray Love yet. I was supposed to watch it yesterday but I got bored and chose to watch "Life as we know it" instead. It's a good film too! I hope you'll be able to watch it if you have time. :)

    Thank you very much! Godbless! :)